Holidays to Majorca: Explore the most impressive fortresses of the island!


The vibrant and sunny Majorca is one of the best places to visit if you want to combine a bit of everything. The amazing beaches, vivid culture and rich history predispose you for a wide array of things to see and do. If you happen to be amongst those thrilled by history, holidays to Majorca provide ample opportunity to indulge, as this small Mediterranean island is full of hidden -and not that hidden- wonders such as castles, forts and old cathedrals.

Palace de L’Almudaina

Arguably the most well-known castle along with Bellver castle, the royal palace of La Almudaina is a wonder to behold. Crowned with majestic gardens and situated right across the street from the dramatic Palma Cathedral, the once official summer residence of the Spanish royal family is amongst the best places to visit. Enter the castle and learn more about the island’s intriguing history, making your holidays to Majorca an entertaining trip into history and culture.


Bellver Castle

A well known and preserved sight, Bellver Castle is one of the last circular castles remaining in Europe. If you leave on holidays to Majorca with the intent of learning about the local history, make sure to visit as beside its fascinating story it now houses a well-endowed museum as well. If you happen to be amongst the lucky few to visit during certain periods, the inner courtyard turns into an orchestral hall where some of the best local and international classical musicians revive the works of great composers.


Capdepera Castle

Sheltering the local population from pirates ravaging the waters and land around Majorca was no easy task. In order to prepare people for the worst, a royal decree was written ordering the construction of a wall which was finished in 1300 and still stands to the day. Located near the town of Arta, the Capdepera Castle is said to be amongst the first built on the island by the Romans, enlarged by the Moors and then destroyed by the Christians and rebuilt in its current form.

Santuari De Sant Salvador

If you like castles a lot, then you’ll be thrilled to know that if you have holidays to Majorca you can stay in one too! The religious site of Sant Salvador, built close to the town of Arta and overlooking the surrounding area from the top of a cliff, houses a fortified monastery a neoclassical church and a small café. The onsite hotel caters for the lucky few to book on time and its renowned restaurant offers some of the best food on the island. Enjoy the endless views over the town of Arta and the Serra de Llevant natural park and bask in the idyllic sensation of it all.


Santueri Castle

The once impregnable fortress of Santueri was one of the last Moorish strongholds to be besieged and taken over by the Christians by trickery rather than pure battle. The fascinating views, well maintained walls and towers provide an impressive view into history. The only shame about this castle however is that it’s privately owned and as such inaccessible, because of thefts of historical artefacts during the past. Nevertheless, numerous hiking and cycling routes cover the surrounding area, providing you with the opportunity to engage in some exploring as well.