Sightseeing in Palma de Mallorca

Palma de Mallorca is an enchanting city at any time of the year. In high season the streets are heaving with tourists. During the quieter seasons it is calm and a real pleasure for those who like to wonder the narrow streets of the Old town or La Lonja, or sit in a cafe along the Borne or browse in the many little local shops and boutiques to find delightful locally designed and produced products. Palma has something for everyone. Here is the abc Mallorca guide to the major cultural attractions in Palma de Mallorca.

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Holidays to Majorca: Explore the most impressive fortresses of the island!


The vibrant and sunny Majorca is one of the best places to visit if you want to combine a bit of everything. The amazing beaches, vivid culture and rich history predispose you for a wide array of things to see and do. If you happen to be amongst those thrilled by history, holidays to Majorca provide ample opportunity to indulge, as this small Mediterranean island is full of hidden -and not that hidden- wonders such as castles, forts and old cathedrals.

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Holidays in Majorca: Explore the wonderful Palma!

Holidays in Majorca

Holidays in Majorca always include a large dose of sun, sea and sand. The spectacular weather coupled with immense Mediterranean backdrops, make this island a marvel to explore. Despite its stunning natural surroundings however, Majorca’s capital Palma also stands out because of its amazing history and important sights. As such grab your sunglasses, hop in and enjoy some of the best sights this city has to show.

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Top activities and things to do in Majorca


Majorca can offer visitors a huge number of activities to participate in. Due to its incredible terrain and long sand beaches, Majorca has something for everyone. From surfing to camping, Majorca has activities suitable for all tastes, ages and interests, complete with many places to purchase tickets for these. Below are a few examples of what you could get up to when holidaying on this fun-filled island.

Due to its incredible mountain formation that is Sierra de Tramuntana, Majorca offers a huge number of hiking excursions, all providing different levels of difficulty for those who are just starting out, and those who know hiking like they know the palm of their hand. Majorca has tons of excursion companies providing fun hiking days out for all the family. Read below for a couple of examples. Continue reading “Top activities and things to do in Majorca”


Majorca weekend

If you want a taste of this Mediterranean island in just two days, we suggest that you devote the first day to culture, leisure and shopping in Palma, the capital city. Museums and shops are open on Saturdays. On Sunday you can choose from one of the many itineraries showing the great contrast of landscapes on the island. There are car, train and bicycle itineraries for all tastes. Continue reading “MALLORCA IN A WEEKEND”